Here is just a small sample of the projects that we have completed, from simple to the most extreme.

Simple yet enticing

A simple window and LED's can give that basic PC some character and bring it to life.


Red OctipYe  

The high end look, with affordable parts, gives this build that "look" with only splurging some, the perfect mid range yet stunning build.



Cooling fury

With two high capacity reservoirs, along with 3-way sli, and a chilled cpu, this is a no compromises, this top of the line build will surely turn heads.

asrock peice.jpg
asrock peice 2.jpg


Another simple yet amazing look with simple plexi glass, paint, and some window trim. The original case had a sealed non-windowed panel. So you can see what can be accomplished with a simple mod of cutting out a side panel window and spray painting some plexy glass as well. With doing that, you can achieve a high end aesthetic that looks purchased. Your only limit is your imagination. MOD ON!