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One on one and group classes

One on One Classes, give the customer(s) a sense of "one on one" attention that they otherwise may not sense during a group class. One on One classes also delivers a deep sense of learning and comprehension where group classes can somewhat attain it; However not on the same level that a One on One can offer. So if you do not like asking questions in front of others or would like to take more time possibly on a single subject. One on One classes vary in rate by time, but the price at what you are learning deflates the cost exponentially.   

Group Classes is a wonderful service that we offer here at Apple & Pc Custom Computers. Group Classes are open to anyone on anything about anything. More so a "free for all" of learning. What you gain by attending Group classes, are others possibly asking the same questions you might have on a device, that you did not even knew you wanted to ask, until the others brought it up. It creates a vast learning field with the "free for all" feel for questions and demonstrations, and chances to interact with others with questions that you both may have. Group Classes are held every Thursday night @ 6:30 and end around 7:45.

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Workshop classes

Workshop classes are the most intuitive learning we offer here at Apple & PC Custom Computers. They allow the student(s) a hands on experience, as well as up close and personal learning to a level that is as big as the imagination. Student(s) can bring their mac's or pc's to be repaired customized, or for the sole purpose of learning computers and what makes them work and tick. Workshop classes also offers the opportunity to stand in and also be a part of a computer technician and "modders" day to day work flow. The knowledge, experience, growth, and skills the student(s) will learn will always be in their arsenal no matter what career path they choose. That is what is important to us, the growth and education a student can learn from simply either standing or even getting their "hands dirty" aiding in the work, and in the end seeing a finished product and learning the fundamentals of working hard to obtain a goal of a finished product. Like One on One classes, Workshop classes also vary in rate. but again, the experience knowledge and growth that will be obtained will vastly outweigh the expense.